As winter approaches…

With winter coming so soon, I thought it would be fun to post a poem about fall before the season ends. The poem was on that I wrote back when I was still attending college, in one of my literature classes. We were required to take a picture of something outside out in nature and then write a poem about it. Below is my poem and it is called “Leaves.”



Fall has come once more

saying farewell to the warm summer breeze,

the cool crisp wind awakens the forests

pulling the leaves from the trees.


The leaves blow about to and fro

gliding together in a huddle,

they pass by the branches floating downward,

landing softly into a puddle.


Together they float in colors of orange

red, green and brown,

as people shuffle side by side,

not caring to gaze at the ground.


Although they soak, in the water that they float

there is no feeling of sorrow or grief,

for I had paused, just briefly to see,

the beautiful sight of the leaves.






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