December Is Here


Thanksgiving is now over, but there is still Christmas to look forward to. My favorite season of the year. Twinkling Christmas lights, spiced Egg Nog, Christmas songs on Warm 106.9 and hopefully soon, some fallen snow. Ah yes, so much excitement ahead.

I have decided to post one of my short stories. Below is the first part of my short story. I will the rest during the week. The story is called: “A Glimmer of Hope.” It is a story I wrote in one of Creative Writing classes. Please enjoy!

A Glimmer of Hope

“My life closed twice before its close:

It yet remains to be seen.”

-Emily Dickinson “My Life closed twice before its close”

“I promise I’ll be home very soon.” Those were the last words I said to them, over the phone,

before I boarded the plane; my sweet little sister Susie and my beloved boyfriend David. It was

only suppose to be an 8 hour flight; from London to New York. I had been away on business,

and now was returning back to the states. Just a few more hours and I would be running into

David’s strong, warm arms, and snuggling Susie. I had become Susie’s guardian after our mother

passed away from a car crash. She would have been put into my father’s care, but no one knows

where he went, after he left our family years long ago. But Susie and I didn’t care. I had been

taking care of her for 4 years and was pretty good at it. Susie knew she would always have me

there for her. I loved her so much. Only now, I will never be able to tell her again. No one was

expecting the massive storm that had approached suddenly, and no one was expecting the plane

to be struck. The whole dive down toward the sea, I kept thinking to myself, “Why me? Why is

this happening to me?”

 I find myself still asking that, as I lay helplessly on this raft; floating somewhere in the

middle of the Atlantic Ocean. All I have is this raft, and the life vest I’m wearing, to hold me.

I’ve been floating for days or maybe even weeks. No help has come, but why would they? I was

the only survivor, and by now I have floated miles away, from where the plane went under. I still

don’t know how I did it. Breaking through the plane door and swimming to the surface. But did

that really do me any good? Maybe I would have been better off drowning, because now, I am

probably going to die of hunger or thirst. That is if a shark doesn’t eat me first. The waves push

me along, growing slightly rougher each time they pass. In the distance, I can see dark clouds

beginning to form. Another storm is coming, and this time I fear I may not live through it.

                      *                                                    *                                                *



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