After The Magic Ends

So it is over. The opening of presents, the singing of Christmas carols, the drinking of egg nog, the laughter of family, and the magic of Christmas. It has all come to an end as it does at the end of every year. It makes you feel a bit empty doesn’t it? You spend November and most of December laughing and preparing for the exciting day, only to have it end suddenly at 12:00am on December 26th, leaving an empty space there. Well, maybe not, if you are still surrounded by the positive energy from family. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel like anything. I think I have gone to many Christmas’s not feeling the excitement I once felt as a child. Now I am excited up until Christmas, and then on the day, it vanishes. Maybe someday the excitement will return. Not to dampen the holidays, but it does end so quickly. Now, one must prepare for the new year and hope things will remain good, or if not, become better as the new year arrives. Merry Christmas.



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