Waiting. I hate it. When the outcome of a situation can go either way, and all you can do is to wait. Just wait. You can pray, you can hope, you can dream, but that doesn’t change a thing. You still must wait. Wait to see how it will all turn out. It could turn out wonderful, and you could be relieved, joyous and happy. Excited to take on your new life and start a new, feeling refreshed and positive for the future. Or the outcome could be horrible, and you could be distraught, miserable, hurt, angry and depressed, only to turn away from everyone and everything; wanting to be left in sadness and darkness. So which will it be? Joy or pain? Which will be chosen? How can you know? How can you be ready? How can you prepare yourself for both? Can you be both ready for happiness and sadness? If only the phone would ring. If only that letter would just come. Wait. Just wait. That’s all you can do.




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