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It has been quite a while since I last posted, which I must apologize for.  So much has been going on in my life that I haven’t had the time to write. But I am now getting back into the grind once again. I will try to write more posts in the coming weeks.

I would also like to thank those that are still following me, even with my large absence. So, I just thought I would post a little update. I am publishing a mini short story collection called “Seeing Is Believing: A Mini Short Story Collection,” which consists of two fun short stories for ages 10 and up. The Collection will be posted on Smashwords which I will place the link to below. Just for a treat, I would like to post the first few pages of the first story, “Seeing Is Believing”. If you enjoy the sample and would like to read the rest, including my second story “Pandora’s Mirror,” please purchase the mini story collection from the link below. Thank you for reading and more posts soon!


Excerpt from “Seeing Is Believing”

Sarah crept through the doorway entrance into the dark library of Hillthorn Academy. The room was empty, but still, it didn’t hurt to be careful. Sarah was worried that the security guard or the janitor would show up suddenly and catch her. She hurried over to the nearby staircase and quietly followed it down. She could feel her heart beating underneath her white cotton blouse. Why was she doing this again? Ah, that’s right, to join Vivian Jake’s group. Just thinking this made her feel self-pity. She was sneaking into the library to take something from a librarian’s office. This was definitely not her best moment.

At the end of the staircase was a hallway. Sarah walked along it until she reached a door close to the end. Above the doorknob, was a nametag that read: “Mrs. Hamilton.” “That must be the librarian’s name,” she said to herself. She then stretched out her hand and jiggled the knob. It was locked. Letting out a sigh, she reached up her hand and pulled a clip from her hair. She then fiddled with the lock for a few minutes and finally the door opened. Stepping inside, she closed the door behind her.

The room was dark, but Sarah had wisely brought her flashlight along. She pulled it out of her jeans pocket and flicked it on. In front of her was a dusty mahogany-brown table with a few books and an old looking telephone on it. There was also a sticky note pad and a few black pens stashed inside a dark blue mug. Glancing up at the wall, she spotted a large black framed photograph of a woman. The woman had short light brown hair like Sarah’s and pale white skin. Her eyes were dark brown, almost black, and her eyebrows thick like two black caterpillars. She also wore a stern expression with her lips pressed tightly together.

Off to the side of the desk sat a small shelf filled with different medium sized gold trinkets. They were all shaped into different animals like a lion, an elephant, a panther and more. The lion shaped trinket drew Sarah’s attention. She picked it up and turned it around in her hands. The surface was cool and smooth.

Just then, there was a thud from the ceiling above. Sarah froze.

“This darn box is too heavy,” she heard a raspy voice say from overhead. “The janitor!” she thought. Without waiting another second, she quickly stuffed the trinket into her jeans pocket and slipped back into the hallway. If she was quiet enough, maybe she could sneak past without him noticing. She scurried back down the hall and up the stairs into the main library. The janitor was in the storage closet at the end of the room. He turned and spotted her just as she reached the library entrance.

“Hey, you! Stop!” he called. Sarah jumped and took off running out the library doors and down the school hall. Behind her she could hear the janitor yelling after her, but she didn’t stop. She kept running until she reached her dorm, and snuck back into the safety of her room. Sighing with relief, she pulled the lion trinket out of her pocket. “You better be worth all this,” she said to it with a smile and set it down on her desk, next to her laptop. She then sent a text to Vivian Jakes from her cell phone, saying, “Mission accomplished!” and then changed into her pajamas and went to bed.


 Sarah entered into school the next day feeling confident. She had received a text from Vivian earlier that morning, telling her to meet in the hallway before classes started. Maybe, just maybe, she would get into the group and have her chance to shine.

Sarah had spent most of her childhood years as the outcast in her previous schools. Apart from being a bit of a loner, she had also worn braces; which had caused her to be subjected to ridicule. Two years ago after getting them removed, her parents transferred her to Hillthorn Academy, a boarding school for grades 7-12 and located in a quiet suburb-like town. Here, Sarah felt that she could finally start over. After all, the school was a whole state away, so she didn’t have to worry about running into old classmates. Sarah’s only concern had been that she would feel alone without her parents near. But that changed when she met her sweet, but energetic friend Casey. Finally, she had someone besides her family that she could count on. Even so, she still had always secretly yearned to feel the glow of popularity and be noticed and envied by all her classmates. So when she saw the Belhorns walking down the school hallway on her first day of 9th grade, she knew she had to be a part of them.

The Belhorns were known as the most popular girl clique on campus. All the girls in the group were mostly beautiful, wealthy, and always dressed to impress. High school senior, Vivian Jakes, was the leader. She came to Hillthorn Academy three years ago as the new girl and quickly rose to the top. She formed the “Belhorns” with a few of her friends back when she was a freshman, and named them after their assigned dormitory. With her father being a music and movie producer, she was known to have connections with different movie stars and singers. Because of this, she was always able to hire the top stars to appear or perform at any of her parties and sometimes at school dances. This made almost every girl in school yearn to be her friend and a part of her group. But this was never easy. Since the Belhorns were made of mostly Vivian’s friends, she was reluctant to add new girls. Still, she would give anyone that wanted to be in her group a chance, by putting them through a test. Most of the girls either refused or failed the test, but Sarah had hope that she would be the exception.

She finally spotted the Belhorns standing together by the blue hallway lockers. Just as she neared them, she heard someone calling her name. Turning around, she saw it was Casey. She was running over to her with her blonde ponytail bouncing on her right shoulder and her grey side bag bumping against her side.

“Hey, girl!” she said looking a little offended. “I’ve been calling and you didn’t even turn around!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Sarah touching her arm gently. “I’m kinda out of it today.”

“Oh, because of them?” Casey asked and she tilted her head in the Belhorns direction.

Sarah smiled guiltily.  “Yes,” she said. “Vivian texted me this morning saying that she wanted us to talk. I think I might be in.”

“So about that task,” said Casey. “What’d they want you to do?”

“Well,” Sarah said as she lowered her voice to a whisper, “I had to sneak into the librarian’s office and take something without being caught.”

Casey’s eyes widened. “What?” she said in shock. “Girl, that’s crazy!”

“I know!” said Sarah, nodding in excitement. “It was scary. I almost got caught by the janitor when I was leaving the library.”

“The library?” said Casey looking at her puzzled. “Mrs. Gracie’s office isn’t in the library.”

Sarah frowned. “Mrs. Gracie? Who is that?”

“The librarian,” said Casey. “Her office was supposed to be in the library, but she didn’t want that room.”

“How come?” Sarah asked.

“Because the last librarian who had that office, died in it ten years ago.”

Sarah looked taken aback. “What do you mean ‘died in it’?”

“I mean she ‘died in it.’ The principle found her face down on her desk. He said she had died of a stroke or something.” Casey paused for a moment, looking deep in thought. “I think her name was Mrs. Hamilton.”

Sarah froze. Mrs. Hamilton? Hadn’t that been the nametag on the office door?

“Anyways,” said Casey, flipping her ponytail over her shoulder, “no one wanted to go into that room after they took her away. After a while, they locked the door and now no one is allowed in there.”

She glanced over her shoulder, and then leaned closer to Sarah.  “I heard that Mrs. Hamilton was really mean. Kids used to take things from her office all the time, and she hated it. She was always yelling at them in the library and giving them detention.

“Even now, people say that her office is haunted and if you go in there and take something of hers, her ghost will haunt you until you give it back.”

Sarah arched her left eyebrow.  “Nice story,” she said, turning to leave, “But I think it’s a stretch. A haunted office? Yeah right.”

Overhead the school bell sounded. “Oh no!” thought Sarah. She turned and noticed the Belhorns were gone. How long had she been talking to Casey? Had she just missed her chance to become a Belhorn?

There came a beep from her cell phone.  Glancing down, she saw there was a text message with an attachment from a blocked number. Opening it, Sarah gasped. There in the message was a picture of her from the library office! Sarah swallowed and looked around the almost empty hallway. Had someone been watching her last night?


If you enjoyed the above excerpt and want to read more, please purchase “Seeing Is Believing: A Mini Short Story Collection,” from the following link:


Thank you! And more posts coming soon!