Bio: I'm a 28 year old girl with dreams of being an author. I'm a very friendly, and sweet person, always thinking of everyone before myself. I can be very lively and outgoing, but also quiet and cautious. I like to over-analyze things just to make sure I have reached every possible outcome of how things will turn out. I started writing when I was about thirteen. It happened one day when I was sitting at my kitchen table drawing a picture, then suddenly a story just played out in my head. I started writing it and a year later, a short novel was written. I've been writing ever since. I usually get ideas from anywhere. I could be sitting in my room, in a car, at a park, or in class (that's where I use to get most of my ideas) and ideas will just come to me. At the moment, I have graduated from college with an emphasis in Creative Writing and Literary Studies. I am hoping to become a wonderful author and maybe even do some screenwriting someday. It may seem impossible, but it doesn't hurt to believe in yourself and work hard to make your dreams a reality! 🙂

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