I Wonder

I have been working on a poem that I finally finished and thought I would share. Please enjoy.


I Wonder

As the days pass, I become somber,

Wishing for life to be better,

Desperately clinging to the hope,

That the sun will rise another day,

And I will feel free from the darkness within.


Yet every morning when I wake,

I am again left disappointed

Another day of sadness and despair

With no hope for the future

Shall I remain this way forever?

Will there be no shred of happiness or joy for me to find?

I know not, so I am left to wonder,


And to wonder,

And to wonder…





Here is a poem I wrote a few months ago, while facing some stressful situations in my life.


Sitting in my friends car

But feeling so calm.

Why is that?

I feel chaos exploding around me,

awkward glances,

and tension of the nerves.

Thrown into the middle of war,

yet I’m so calm.

As if sitting in a flower filled meadow,

the sun shining on my face,

the cool breeze upon my shoulders,

while the feeling of nervousness,

and anxiety surrounds me.

But I am so calm.

Why am I so calm?



I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. I guess sometimes life takes you away from the things you would rather spend time doing. Here is a poem I wrote a year ago during the summer.


I am lost,

lost at sea

swirling in a life boat,

waiting to be cast out further from all I know.

The sharks circle around me,

closing in ever so closely,

but I wait and huddle,

wishing to be home,

to be in my room,

to be in my bed,

to be surrounded by family.

What do I do?

Where do I go?

How can I return?


See Me

See Me

Do you see me?

Do you really see me,

when I am sitting in the dark,

alone in the backseat of the car,

highest row back in the movie theater,

the girl farthest back in the screaming crowd.

Do you see me?

Can you see me,

begging to be found,

wanting to take a stand,

someone to take my hand,

but trapped in the lonely darkness,

which is me.

Can you see me?

I want you to see me.