I apologize for not posting in so long. My life has seemed to spiral out of my control leaving me to wonder if it will ever be what I hope it to be. Still, with all the stress and worry, creativity can spark. I wrote this song using some remnants of my poem “Calm.”




Verse 1:

Calm…why am I so calm,

As disaster strikes all around me and I just stare

So, calm…what makes me so calm,

As my life just falters before me, piece by piece

Leaving me so empty,

A shell of who I once was…



But I’m so calm, but I’m so calm,

Why am I so calm, why am I so calm



Verse 2:

Calm…why am I so calm,

I feel the chaos circling around me as I sit still,

So, calm…what makes me so calm

Vicious glances and tension surrounds me as the war rages on…

Heightening all my senses,

Yet leaving me so numb…



But I’m so calm, but I’m so calm

Why am I so calm, why am I so calm


Why am I so disconnected, why can’t I shed a single tear? When will I escape this prison of mine, when will I feel, why can’t I feel…

Left with only sadness,

The days I knew are long gone…



But I’m so calm, but I’m so calm

Why am I so calm, why am I so calm

What makes me so calm, what makes me so calm,

But I’m so calm, why am I so calm…




As Friday Approaches…

I decided to share a little poem that I wrote about Starbucks while in one of my creative writing classes. With Black Friday only a day away, I thought it might be a bit fitting. Please enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Life of Starbucks

The sun slowly rises up from the east,

chasing the dark of night away.

The store of Starbucks bustles about,

preparing for a new day.


The life of Starbucks bursts to life

each morning at the hour of six,

people hurry inside restless and tired

in need of their morning fix.


They wait anxiously scanning the menus

For the perfect mix of chocolate mocha and espresso,

Glaring at the ones standing in front

Taking minutes to decide on a cup of Joe.


The workers do not have this freedom,

to show their angst, exhaust, or irritation.

They must give a wide smile of teeth, a voice of kindness,

and a warm gentle invitation to each guest.



They work hard trying not to complain,

taking breaks only when needed,

memorizing recipes of many drinks

to inform customers as they are greeted.


As one sits in silence sipping her latte

inhaling the fresh aroma of coffee beans,

She can only imagine the work and effort

Put in by the starbucks working teams.